My husband stayed behind and I told him that I was just modeling and not doing any sex stuff. For those who missed my first letter, I'm a graduate student at an Ivy League college, and Shauna is a freshman at the same school. Maybe some others out there will join us and describe themselves and their joys/desires also. You whine a little because you were enjoying the oral delights. But instead of laying alongside me, you teased me with a mischievous look and began licking and kissing my ankles, the underside of my feet, and even my toes. The produce man, I think his name is Kevin, said it looked like the perfect size and shape, lots of little bumps on it too. I quickly grabbed her and kissed her on the mouth, untying the bathrobe with one hand and easing the door shut with the other. I love that you had a small experience with another man. I also like to wear very sexy and feminine clothes Several years back I got into stockings and garter belts which I wear quite often. Jane and Rita had met in the sixth grade.